My Largely Unnoticed Return… and some shout outs!

Dear readers,

I have been absent from the online world for the past few weeks due to circumstances beyond my control. Happily, I am now back among you, my virtual peers and associates.

It appears that my private predictions for the past month were mostly accurate. The federal government has, with few exceptions, continued its downward march into the realm of destructive and wasteful interference in the affairs of the several states and those of private citizens. I will examine some current pertinent matters soon in future posts.

Based on requests submitted on Twitter, we’ve had some additions to the blog roll:
– The Finto File (
– BeauxSage (
– Blue Collar Patriots (

Be sure to check out these sites.

Also, I want to highlight a great song and music video, “Glory to the Boys” by Dementia ( This is a stirring tribute to allied troops.

I hope you will come back soon to read my next post, and continue as I do to pray for our country.

John Q. Patriot.



  1. Serr8d (@serr8d)

    A virtual smorgasbord! Here’s my review, fwiw…

    The Finto File, written by a published writer (NYT no less!) stands out for wordsmithing. I like his original photos. He might want to add some zesty zing to spice up his writing, cut some crackerjacks in the adjective stacks and liven up the superlatives. Grab a reader’s attention and don’t let it get away!

    Well, the others, I just find it difficult to read white text on a black background. Reminds of an Insane Clown Posse blog I read once; just couldn’t take it seriously. My fault, I’m sure of it! Break those blocks of text into easily digestible sentences, guys!


    Oh, and I’d be remiss if I didn’t plug my favorite blog: Jeff G can write better’n any other political writer on these here intratubes, and has been at it since 2002.

    That is all, take care!

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